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The Williams YMCA of Avery County

As of Monday, 6/29/20 face masks/coverings are requred at all indoor and outdoor activities when not exercising. More information

Delay the Disease (Parkinson's)

Research suggests that intense exercise results in neuroprotection & thereby slows, stops, or reverses the progression of Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Coordination of movement, flexibility, strength, cardio respiratory fitness and balance is the focus. Most of those attending our program reported improvement in 3 or more of their symptoms and many had improvement in 6 or more areas.  After attending classes for 12 weeks, the percentage of participants reporting improvement in physiological symptoms common to Parkinson’s was: Tremor 38%, strength 88%, Pain 13%, Posture 50%, Flexibility 88%, Gait 25%, Endurance 62%, and Balance 38%. The YMCA instructors use and are certified in the Delay the Disease program model, the #1 Parkinson’s exercise program.

Physician approval is recommended, but not required*. An assessment will be performed with all participants to help determine your specific needs. This is also a time for you to voice any concerns you may have. A typical class will work on improving the following areas:

  • Flexibility-utilizing yoga and dynamic stretching.
  • Coordination-utilizing stability balls, medicine balls, agility drills, dance, ladder walking, boxing
  • Respiratory-yells, cheers and various voice drills
  • Cardio– dance, walking, running, cycling, boxing
  • Balance-standing on one foot, side stepping, jump walking
  • Boxing-punching, offensive, defensive, speed bag

*Classes are free to those referred by a physician