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The Williams YMCA of Avery County

Martial Art Training

Martial_Arts.jpgFor Ages 14 up.

Our martial arts program gives youth and adults a chance to learn something new. This discipline will help everyone not only become more engaged in physical activity, but also helps teach them self-defense skills. Martial arts will also help individuals who participate become more focused and provide a terrific outlet for everyone.
These classes are not meant to promote fighting. Our focus is on instilling values such as discipline, becoming more self-aware and developing an ability to put mind over matter for all participants regardless of age.
Our class is taught by a highly-trained, professional instructor. We want to make our participants development and safety a top priority. Everyone will learn the abilities of restraint, focus and control.

Cost: $60 members (includes 12 classes)
$80 non-members (includes 12 classes)