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The Williams YMCA of Avery County

No Swim Club this This Thursday, 2/20. We apologize for any inconvenience. More information

Policy Changes to Youth Facility Use


  • Children 13+ may be dropped off to access YMCA Facilities without an adult present on-site.  Youth will be allowed access to the Blackburn Athletic Facility, YMCA Wellness Center (after passing Youth-Fit), Chapman Teen Center and Aquatic Center (after passing swim test) without an adult on campus.  Waivers and agreements will be available at the YMCA’s Front Desk and Blackburn Front Desk and online for Parental release.
  • Children 10-12 may also be left unsupervised in the areas following the same criteria, but an adult MUST remain on campus at all times.
  • Children 6-9 years of age INSTEAD OF ACCESSING THE XRCADE will now have a space of their own in the Youth Center.  This space is located just after the YMCA’s entrance in Suite 110. 
  • Children 6 weeks old to 5 years old will continue to be served in the Child Development Center.