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The Williams YMCA of Avery County

SPLASH Drowning Prevention Program Results

This year’s 2nd grade SPLASH session was a terrific success.  The SPLASH program has been a staple of the aquatic’s program for many years and this year, with the addition of home school children, was the largest group of second grade SPLASH we have hosted with 210 kids participating.  Much thanks to three volunteers that committed their time to the program. Each group of kids visits the pool five times.  Four of these visits consisted of guided swim lessons and water safety instruction.  The final visit is a “free day” for the kids to play and enjoy time together.  By the end of the program, all children could display the basic principles of a swim stroke, 85% could float on their back, 80% could swim 15 yards, and 70% passed the swim test (swim 25 yards & tread water for 1 minute).