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The Williams YMCA of Avery County

The Blackburn Athletic Facility and The O'Connell Fieldhouse Are Open

PART_1513001046529_20171211_083217.jpgYour Williams YMCA is proud and extremely excited to announce the opening of our newest facilities, The John Blackburn Athletic Facility and The Paul and Susie O'Connell Fieldhouse! On Monday, December 11th we welcome you to stop by, if you're interested in basketball, indoor soccer,  volleyball, or pickleball, you'll want to visit the Blackburn facility. If improving your golf game, or honing your baseball/softball skills sounds good, stop by the O'Connell fieldhouse. Come see how your YMCA is meeting the needs of the community, you won't be dissapointed! For more information about basketball, volleyball, pickleball or available court times contact James Penley, Athletic Director, at 828-737-5500 ext. 325 or email at jamesp(at)ymcaavery.org . If you'd like to learn more about using or getting lessons in our batting cages or golf simulators, contact Brent Nidiffer, Sports Director, at 828-737-5500 ext 326 or email brentn(at)ymcaavery.org.